John Hayes

Master Craftsman

Special Branch Carvings are based in Fenor, Co. Waterford which is part of the famous Copper Coast. It is also home to Master Craftsman John Hayes who is the skill and creative person behind each of the bespoke wood carvings.

Johns creations quickly started to grab the attention. People began to notice John’s work when he first carved  a very old and large tree located in the grounds of Fenor church. He transformed it into what is known locally as the Angel Tree.

John has since then gone on to create lots of other fantastic creations from tree trunks which are now getting attention worldwide. Most notably his world record breaking creation Dragonslayer, the longest ever sculpture from a single piece of wood. Dragonslayer can proudly be seen displayed in the Waterford Viking Triangle, Waterford city.

John is continually working on new products ranging from large corporate show stopping pieces, to small gifts and trophies. Contact John and get your order in today and get what will be a truly unique and one of a kind piece of art.